Spreading the word about The Pride of Scotland!

At last week’s Seafood Expo Global in Brussels, Associated Seafoods Ltd (ASL) spread the word far and wide about the pride it has in its Scottish smoked salmon – which is why it is called The Pride of Scotland!
The Pride of Scotland gained widespread media coverage during the exhibition about its truly Scottish smoked salmon and the traditional techniques used by their master smokers.

Neil Greig, commercial director, told the BBC that there was a worrying trend of the ‘Scottish’ brand being adopted by producers in other countries – whereas to be truly Scottish, then it has to be Scottish salmon, smoked in Scotland

"We want to regain the high ground and bring back the name 'Scottish' to where it should be," he said.
He told Intrafish: “To be Scottish, then it should be Scottish salmon that is smoked in Scotland and of premium quality.”

He added: ““The Pride of Scotland is all about our passion for Scottish salmon and the traditional craft of smoking.”