Auld Alliance soars at ASL!

The entente was indeed most ‘cordiale’ at Associated Seafoods Ltd (ASL) in Buckie when a group of French Navy Aviation (l’Aéronavale) aircrew and technicians came to visit.

Proving that the Auld Alliance between Scotland and la Belle France was very much alive, l’Aéronavale were on hand to collect some premier salmon from the firm to take back across the Channel with them on completion of their role in the military exercise Joint Warrior 2014.
ASL Commercial Director

Henry Angus said the firm were proud of the link with the French Navy.

“We were delighted to welcome a total of eight French aircrew to ASL today, who were collecting boxes of Macallan Royal fillet salmon and Pride of Scotland smoked salmon,” he commented.

“Usually we see the pilots twice a year, once when Joint Warrior’s on and then again at Christmas.

“It’s become something of a long-standing tradition and this time around we had an extra delivery to make directly to RAF Lossiemouth as word of the salmon had spread amongst the crews.

“I believe it goes back to the days when Lossie Seafoods were still based in Lossiemouth and supplied fish to RAF Lossiemouth, so it really has been going for quite some time.

“It’s great we’ve managed to keep such an excellent relationship going for such a length of time.”

Arranging l’Aéronavale’s salmon order with ASL was Premier Maître Stephane Gagnoulet, a Navigator and Radar Operator Instructor, who took some time to explain what he and his colleagues have been doing during their stay in Scotland.

“We took part in exercise Joint Warrior 14.1, we were there to train two junior crews who come from Lann-bioué naval air station near the city of Lorient in the north west of France.

“We fly on the Dassault Atlantique ATL2, a maritime patrol aircraft.

“We have already dispatched all the orders of salmon and it was OK for everyone.”

The pilots had been playing their role in a huge joint exercise involving not only France and the UK, but also Turkey, Germany, Belgium, Holland, Denmark and the USA.